The Ultimate Personal Styling Consultation Shortcut

Do you ever wonder what kinds of tools professional and successful personal stylists use in their style sessions?

Is it really a big deal to go in empty handed or just using notes?

Can't you still provide great service if you're not using capsule wardrobe checklists?


But they up your game.

They add a touch of sophistication and professionalism.

Which has always led to clients buying more hours to style with me.

They give you something tangible to hand to your clients.

And they will most definitely help you organize and provide better service for each and every single one of your clients.

Use these cheat sheets to help you:

  • Streamline your closet edits
  • Increase efficiency in your personal shopping process
  • Create focused goals for you and your client

Here's what you'll get when you download our Personal Stylist Wardrobe Checklist:

  • Easily see what gaps exist in your client's wardrobe
  • Quickly determine which items your client should have to maximize all their pieces
  • A detailed shopping list that helps you focus on what to search for for your clients
  • Add to your professionalism by leaving a polished wardrobe checklist for your clients to review, keep, and utilize as they build their new wardrobes

Plus, along with these downloads, we'll also send you real professionals' insights on the business and carefully curated updates to help you create a business that is a true work of art.

Wardrobe Gaps List for Female Clients-sm
When you work on a client's closet to do an edit or evaluation, it helps to have a general outline of what a great capsule wardrobe looks like. This helps your client maximize their wardrobe.

Download your printable versions and print as many as you need for your consultations.


These are the exact same 'wardrobe checklists' the personal styling teams at The Shopping Friend and Stylist School Online uses for every consultation. It streamlines our closet edits and laser focuses our personal shopping sessions. Download them....They work!