There is money to be made! From your current clients, as well as other streams of revenue most personal stylists and image consultants never think of.

They say that millionaires, on average, have 7 different streams of income coming in. I can't promise that you'll become a millionaire as a personal stylist, or even be able to get 7 streams of revenue from your business, but why not utilize every tool in your shopping bag to make as much money as you can? Let me ask you something:

  • For established stylists - do you think that the different styling services in your business are different streams of revenue? (Hint...they're not. They're all one stream of revenue)
  • Do you style inconsistently and have periods of time when you're not bringing in any income?
  • Are you unsure of the exact steps you need to take as a stylist to generate a real living from this profession?
  • Do you have to work other jobs just to make ends meet?
  • Newbies, do you dream of working as a personal stylist but lack the knowledge, skills, time, and money to take the fashion and business training that you would need to operate profitably?

If you said yes to any of these questions, this FREE training can get you started with fresh ideas and start you down the path of discovering the real steps you need to take to make your styling business truly happen. Even if you implement just one of these ideas, and I do mean properly implement them, your income could significantly increase.

Here's what you'll get when you sign up for our FREE training class:

  • How to focus on your client's needs in order to know the appropriate services to upsell to them.
  • Determining your client's ULTIMATE goals in their life (don't be short-sighted when figuring this out).
  • Learning about the different emotional stages that clients may come to you in.
  • Things I commonly say to clients that gives me an over 70% success rate in upselling my services.
  • The sentence to avoid that many stylists think is harmless to say but actually hurts your upselling conversion rate...and can turn off a client.
  • How you could be leaving money on the table by failing to implement some of these lucrative revenue streams.
  • How to turn your website into an asset.
  • How to earn money outside of your clients.




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Some of these strategies are exactly what the personal styling team at The Shopping Friend uses to generate more revenue. Everyone wants to create as many streams of revenue as possible. Implement some of them....They work!