You Have ONE Chance To Create An Incredible Experience For Your Clients. We Make Sure You Do Just That.



how-to-do-a-personal-shopping-sessionCheers to all the established Stylists, the Styling newbies, and the savvy Fashionpreneurs!

My #1 goal is for you to know how to get your personal styling clients to RAVE about you.

Hands up! If...

  • You dream of working as a personal stylist but you're unsure of the exact steps you need to take to start out as a Personal Stylist.

  • You mistakenly think that personal shopping is just "shopping" for someone else. But don't understand the experience strategy behind working with individual clients.

  • You're tired of working inconsistently and always wondering when the next paid job will come up.

  • You've dressed clients amazingly in the past but they don't call you again? What the what?

  • You desire to learn tried and true methods of a successful working stylist.

If this sounds like you, don't worry, you're not alone!

The 14-S RAVE System will show you, step by step, how to produce and craft fabulous experiences for your personal styling clients so they hire you repeatedly and RAVE about you to others.

It's time for you to become a coveted personal stylist whom everyone recommends to their friends and hires repeatedly.

Too many personal stylists make little, unknown mistakes that cost them money and clients.

So I broke down my entire process to see what I was doing right to share with you.

I call it my 14-S RAVE Personal Styling Consultation System.

I know, it's long. Let's call it the 14-S RAVE System.

When I use it, my clients give me glowing, raving reviews.

This 14-S RAVE system covers every step from the 1st-S (SELLING) to the 14th-S (the SATISFIED client).

Join me and you'll get online video tutorials that will guide you through all the important steps of my 14-S RAVE Personal Styling Consultation System.

Each step is broken down into its own video lesson to start you down the right path without having to guess if you're missing a step or doing something wrong.



Hi friend, I'm Michelle. My mission is to help you design and create the life and calling that you were meant to live, for you and the world.

I am the founder of Stylist School Online and the premier personal styling company, The Shopping Friend.

I have successfully styled over 700 men and women and have hundreds of five-star reviews.

There's a lot to becoming a stylist entrepreneur in this digital age.

You have to have skills beyond just knowing how to dress someone flawlessly.

Take the 14 steps in the RAVE System so you can utilize your creativity and talent to operate successfully as a professional personal stylist and shopper.

Ensure that your clients are REPEATS and not one-hit wonders.



It's Time For You To Have a Reliable Process For Your Shopping Success So You Can Impress Clients and Make More Money.


Professional personal shopping is NOT just "shopping" for others.

Far too many personal stylists and shoppers make the mistake of thinking that professional personal shopping is just “shopping”.

They fail to create “experiences” that turn their clients into raving, repeat customers.

In the 14-S RAVE System, I'll share with you my proven strategies for creating a value-driven, unique, and personalized “experience” when personal shopping for your clients.

I have successfully used this system for years to ensure that clients come back to me for more services and I avoid “one-hit wonder” personal shopping jobs.

I can show you exactly how to do it.


With the 14-S RAVE System, you can skip the learning curve and mistakes and fast forward to successful styling sessions.

You can try to develop a system yourself, like I did.

Hopefully, doing that won't take you 3+ years to create and refine, like it took me.

I  wasted years because I made so many mistakes.

Everything was trial and error for me.

I didn't know what was going to work and what wasn't until I implemented it and observed the results.

Truth be told, the first three years of my business were painfully slow.


What you need is practical advice from someone doing the EXACT thing you want to be doing.

Today, you have a multitude of style schools to choose from.

Unfortunately, most are taught by 'teachers' who've never built a business or even worked in the real world market.

It's all theory.

Not only am I a profitable personal stylist in real time, I've been training others for the last 11 years on how to do it.

For themselves and because I, too, have needed to hire stylists for my own business.

I have struggled to find good stylists for my own personal shopping business.

Stylists who understand all the elements of styling AND business (even ones with "certifications" are sorely lacking in these skills).

So I decided to create my own courses and programs that teach the real deal.

I've walked in your future shoes.

I want to show you everything you need to know so you can walk in them asap!




So...What's in the 14-S RAVE Personal Styling Consultation System?

This program is an online video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to produce an amazing personal styling consultation for your clients.

I guide you through the system I use, with every single client, that results in an over 70% repeat customer rate.

This course is based on a proven system for success.


The 14 S's You Need To Provide an Amazing Personal Styling Consultation Resulting in Happy, Satisfied Clients.









What Will You Get Out of This Course?

  • Imagine Having 100% Confidence When Delivering Your Service To Clients

    You wake up every day with the knowledge of exactly how you’re going to help your clients achieve their success.

    There is nothing more relaxing and stress-free when you KNOW how and what you’re going to do for your clients each day.

    No questions.

    No doubts.

    No praying that the session goes well.

    Go in with full confidence that each time you perform a personal style shop you’ll leave your client with a smile, satisfaction and a desire to work with you again.

    Or recommend you to their friends.

    You will be shown how to do exactly that.

  • Complete and Comprehensive Online Personal Stylist Training From Your Home

    Build a business from your home that you can make local or expand nationally.

    Or even globally if you desire.

    Your dream is the limit!

  • The 14-S RAVE Personal Styling Consultation System -- Prepare For Your Clients To Happily Give You Five Stars!


    I have tried many different ideas during client shops over the years.

    Some ideas didn't execute well.

    Some were just 'meh' for my clients.

    I have finally perfected my process that results in happy, repeat customers.

    I detail for you my entire refined process of a style consultation with a client.

    I have easily organized the steps in this course.

    You’ll learn the exact steps you should take in all areas of the consultation from pre-sale to follow-up.

  • Love Your Business, Live The Dream

    It's my personal goal to help more people achieve wealth and freedom through their passion businesses.

    I have been in your shoes and I want to share with you what works and what doesn't work in running a personal styling business.

What The 14-S RAVE Personal Styling Consultation System Course is NOT...

This Personal Styling Consultation Course is NOT a Passive "Information Download".

This course is not about just sitting back learning a bunch of steps and then doing nothing with it. This is an implementation-focused course.

The purpose isn't to consume a bunch of information, it's to guide you through a system of exercises and actions that lead you to the desired result.

Don't sign up for this if you don't want to do the real work. This product is not for "info product tourists."

Nothing on this page is to be construed as an income guarantee. There's absolutely no guarantee that you will make an income. Remember, you are an entrepreneur, not an employee. There are no guarantees for entrepreneurs.

I'm going to teach you a craft. The craft of creating a memorable and valuable Personal Styling Consultation System. Like any craft, it's all in the doing. You can't read a book about sewing and have a shirt materialize in your life. You can't consume this course and expect income to happen.

Buy this course if you want to learn a skill. Don't buy it if you just want another shiny object in your life.

You are one click away from complete clarity on how to personal shop and learn the successful steps that will build your business with happy customers!


If you want the confidence and the tried and true successful methods of a seasoned personal stylist, you are at the right place.

I can show you how to produce outstanding, memorable personal styling sessions that leads to satisfied clients and many repeat clients.

Of hundreds of clients, and over 2 decades of styling, this is one of my favorite testimonials from a client. He wrote a very long one so I'm just sharing parts of it here. These kinds of reviews are what I want for you. You can read his full review on The Shopping Friend's website or on Yelp.

A customer's RAVE review of Michelle's services:


I have woken up to an entirely new world...The results are already speaking volumes...every woman under the age of 40 in my office made some sort of positive comment when they saw me.

When I was introduced to the idea of a personal stylist and actually assessed my wardrobe, I realized I seriously needed one.

There are plenty of stylists in Denver, but when Google connected me with The Shopping Friend I knew I had found the right place.

The Shopping Friend uses a discovery process to get to know you, and your goals, before your appointment even begins.

Despite the fact that I am generally bad with new people I felt super comfortable around Michelle from the get go. She is amazingly friendly, supportive, and just an awesome person in general.  It almost felt like I had known her for years.

The closet consultation confirmed my fears - I did not own a single piece of clothing that actually fit me well.  My clothes were communicating a bad message every time I wore them.  You might think that sounds pretty dire, but Michelle is a miracle worker - I'm convinced if styling was a chess match she'd destroy Bobby Fischer ten times out of ten.

Michelle knew what looked good on me and helped me understand why certain looks were good while others just did not work for me.  The clothes she found for me emphasized strong features of my body type while minimizing the weaker ones...I feel like Neo right after he took the Red Pill in The Matrix - I have woken up to an entirely new world.  By the end of the day we had built up a versatile set of basics (appropriate both personally and professionally) in a style that better communicated who I am - and we managed to get it done within the budget parameters I had set before the appointment!

The results are already speaking volumes.  On a personal level, for the first time in my life I'm actually excited about getting dressed in the morning.  I feel so much more confident about what I'm wearing, and that confidence is starting to rub off on my mentality in other areas of life too.

On the first day after our excursion I wore one of my new outfits to work and pretty much every woman under the age of 40 in my office made some sort of positive comment when they saw me, completely unsolicited.  I got comments ranging from 'You look super snazzy today' to 'Did you lose weight?'.  And those reactions were just from an outfit that is the most basic of my new normal.  I had NEVER gotten any compliments on my style prior to working with Michelle, but it is a welcome change...(full review on Yelp)

- Sean (Software Developer, Denver, CO)

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  • - Sandi Mele // Founder of The Style Shop
    I learned so much from this course. The videos are clear, concise, and easy to understand, and I was able to implement what I learned right away! I especially loved the detailed walk-through on how to onboard a client. Understanding the struggles your client is experiencing is probably the MOST important part about working as a stylist, and this course gives you all the specifics on how to best serve each unique need. Enroll in this course and you'll learn from the very BEST in the business. Highly recommend!
    - Sandi Mele // Founder of The Style Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and we know you have to be informed to make great decisions! Here are some of the typical questions that we get and our answers!


Q: Who is The 14-S RAVE Personal Styling Consultation System For?

A: If you have ever wondered what your personal styling and shopping sessions with clients should look like, this is your 100% complete answer.

The 14-S RAVE Personal Styling Consultation System was specially designed by The Shopping Friend's founder, Michelle, for the thousands of clients that have hired The Shopping Friend team as their personal stylists.

This program is for you if your passion is fashion, you already have the style skills to help people improve their lives, and you need clarity on how to actually perform your style consultations.

Q: Is there really information in this course that I don't already know, couldn't figure out myself, or find online for free?

A: Let's be honest. You could definitely strategize your own personal styling program.

But how many years of working with clients, messing up, and losing revenue do you need to go through to come up with an incredible strategy that retains the majority of your clients?

I'm not sure for you, but for me?

It took me a good 7-9 years to figure out the best, most efficient system for myself and my clients.

And it wasn't free.

My mistakes were costly.

Q: How long will this take?

A: It's really up to you.

This 16-video course is easy to consume.

You can implement what you learn right away with your very next style session.

If you're a newbie, you can practice the motions with your friends and family so you're fully prepared for your first client.

We have students who completed the course and their very next styling session saw increased hours and services and repeat customers.


how to become a personal shopper and stylist

Q: Is this program all I need to know to run a successful personal styling business?

A: That depends on what you already know about running a business.

This 14-S RAVE Personal Styling Consultation System is just one part of our overall Ultimate Personal Styling Business Program.

Our Business Program is more complete and comprehensive on what you need to know to setup and run a business effectively.

You learn more about running a personal styling business beyond just the consultation.

Q: Are your courses offered in any other language?

A: We know we have members from over 80 countries and we thank you for being a part of our community. Our site is only fitted for English for now, however. When we have the capability, we will definitely investigate hiring translators. Drop us a line and let us know what language you request.

Q: Can I successfully do this?

A: I firmly believe this with all my heart.

You are what you think.

If you think you can do this, you most definitely will.

If you think you can't do this, you most likely will not.

Barring situations that are out of our hands, if you take these steps and follow them properly, you have a very high chance of performing incredible personal styling consultations nearly all the time.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peel said, "if you think in negative terms, you get negative results. If you think in positive terms, you will achieve positive results."

Everything in this course is doable.

And don't forget, members have the opportunity to book personal coaching with Michelle if you desire more one-to-one learning.

  • Earl Nightingale
    The only person who succeeds is the person who is progressively realizing a worthy ideal.
    Earl Nightingale

Join Us! This is your time. This is your life. Let's do it well! I will help you.

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