Is your closet filled with clothes you don't wear? Do you feel frustrated with your wardrobe? Is it a daily struggle to find something to wear? Are you one of the many who wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? Or even 10% of your wardrobe 90% of the time? Does the thought of cleaning out and editing your wardrobe seem daunting to you?


how to do a closet edit and cleanse


Are you ready to look better, love your closet, create flattering outfits, and finally end the frustration in your closet?

Stop the closet deadlock!

Get rid of the clutter and pieces that fail to serve you. Get ready to own a closet that brings you joy because everything in there is right for you and your style.

Welcome to your DIY Closet Edit and Cleanse Blueprint!

Stylist School Online and The Shopping Friend's Michelle McFarlane partnered together to bring you this special course.

For men and women.

Let's face it, you're talented and skilled at so many things. You may be running your own company, working your passion, running a household, raising a family, building a startup, going to school, who knows what amazing things you're doing with your life.

So why is your closet such a disaster? How can you be so skilled at complicated matters but that closet...ugh...why is something that seems so simple actually so hard to maintain?

You know you have some good pieces in there but you have no idea what they are right now. You've got a stuffed closet but you're wearing the same 7 outfits and don't know what the heck is happening with the rest of your wardrobe. Or you don't have many outfits but the ones you do have aren't doing anything for you.

Not for your love life. Not for your career. And certainly not for your self confidence.

Get a well organized closet with the right pieces for you in as little as 5 hours!

Stop the madness, and learn how The Shopping Friend's professional personal styling team has done it for over a thousand clients!

When clients start working with us, we always start the styling journey in their closets.

Going into someone's current wardrobe reveals so much about them. It shows us what they've been previously choosing, what their image challenges are, how their current style is holding them back in parts of their lives, and helps us envision and create the future wardrobe that is going to be built in there.

The Shopping Friend Closet Edits gets results...FAST. And the results speak for themselves.

I enjoy walking in my closet now.

Why did I wait so long to ask for help!! The Shopping Friend saw my totally out-of-control closet, and did not faint or even look mildly surprised! After a short discussion as to what events I attended and what look I preferred, she very methodically organized my closet. Some clothing was donated, but amazingly, she kept much of my clothing, and showed me how to combine items I had never considered wearing together. I have lots more outfits now, and mix and match all the time. We also went shopping together which was the most fun ever! She flew through the store choosing items that would look good on my particular figure and coloring, and laid out shoes to go with the clothes. Never has shopping been easy or fun for me, but this day was GREAT!...I enjoy walking in my closet now, and enjoy keeping it organized. It's actually easy. I would do this again in a heartbeat. In fact, I plan to do it multiple times a year, just to update my existing wardrobe and accessories..."

- Beverly, Brentwood, CA

This is a real investment in your future.

An investment is something that you put time, energy, or money towards today in hopes of it adding value to your life in the future.

Style is an investment. Many people find more success in their jobs, their incomes, and their relationships with improved style. And your Closet Edit is the first step of that important investment.

The Wall Street Journal article Why Dressing For Success Leads to Success states:

Using a number of measures...the studies offer indications that wearing nicer clothes may raise one’s confidence level, affect how others perceive the wearer, and in some cases even boost the level of one’s abstract thinking, the type in which leaders and executives engage...

In a study published last year in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, results suggested that people engage in higher levels of abstract thinking when they dress up, compared with when they dress casually. When some 361 participants were asked to complete tasks, the ones dressed more formally engaged in the kinds of abstract thinking that someone in a position of power, like a senior executive, would deploy. After being tested in both formal and casual dress, another 88 subjects were quicker to see the big picture when they dressed more formally. The casual dressers tended to sweat the small stuff. (from the editors of Time) wrote 'Attractive' Women Make More Money, Study Says:

That hour you spent getting ready for your last job interview or big meeting might have been time well spent: Women who style their clothes, hair and makeup earn higher salaries than those who don’t, according to a sociological study published in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility...the research showed that attractive people tended to earn higher salaries. But that wasn’t all. Their research suggested that grooming—practices such as applying makeup and styling hair and clothing—was actually what accounted for nearly all of the salary difference for women of varying attractiveness.

And there are many more studies where those came from.

Most people think editing your closet is just 'cleaning out' your closet.

Nope. Not even close.

There is an entire strategy on how to decipher your style and decide on what pieces you should keep and what pieces are no longer serving you.

So if you're not in a position to hire a professional personal stylist, the next best thing is to get the step-by-step blueprint on how the professional personal stylists do it.

Make it easy on yourself and do it the way the professional stylists do it.

In this 8-video course, I want to give you my exact step-by-step strategy that The Shopping Friend uses during our personal styling sessions for clients when we are in their closets.

Our methods and techniques are not a once-off. They are SIMPLE, REPEATABLE and work for thousands of our clients from all industries and differing personalities from all around the world. 

This method works for anyone with a closet and a wardrobe.

Because if you're interested in

  • having clarity in your closet
  • understanding the right style for you
  • having a closet filled with clothes that you love and flatter you
  • building a closet that you can mix and match and maximize your wardrobe
  • creating an image that makes you look and feel fantastic

Then you need to know how to properly edit and clean your closet as your first step to achieving the above results.

Just like most of our clients, you've probably dumped a TON of time, money, and energy over the years into trying to build your wardrobe...with little success.

That's why clients eventually hire us to do it for them!

Our clients are people just like you. From all walks of life and all types of lifestyles.

This formula works for everyone.

And now you don't have to hire us personally to get these results.

You can implement all our proven methods and strategies yourself, in your own closet, to get these results.

Get access to our proven DIY Closet Edit and Cleanse to finally have the closet of your dreams

So what's included?

You'll get every single detail that our personal stylists use in clients' closets for the thousands of personal styling sessions we have done.

  • 8 online video lessons from Michelle available 24/7 from all devices
  • Downloadable worksheets to make your style journey easy
  • Lifetime access to the content, as well as any upgrades or bonuses Michelle adds in the future

Lesson 1: Style Discovery

Lesson 1: Style Discovery
In Part One of the DIY Closet Edit & Cleanse, we'll dive into the proven process that The Shopping Friend's professional personal styling team uses to discover the style, tastes, personality, and image goals of their clients. You will use the same process to discover your own style and learn how to figure out the style framework by which to edit your closet and shop for new items.

Lesson 2: Prep for Closet Edit

Lesson 2: Prep for Closet Edit
In part two of the DIY Closet Edit & Cleanse, we'll go through all the necessary preparatory steps that most people fail to take but are needed to ensure a successful closet edit and cleanse.

Lesson 3: Time Strategies

Lesson 3: Time Strategies
In part three of the DIY Closet Edit & Cleanse, I will guide you on strategizing how you’re going to tackle your closet, time wise, and which works best for you.

Lesson 4: In the Closet

Lesson 4: In the Closet
In the fourth part of the DIY Closet Edit & Cleanse, we're finally in the closet and you'll see how all the discovery materials and prep work tie into a successful edit. You'll also discover why sometimes having a ton of amazing pieces still won’t give you your ideal wardrobe.

Lesson 5: Dealing with Emotional Pieces

Lesson 5: Dealing with Emotional Pieces
In part 5 of the DIY Closet Edit & Cleanse, I'm going to address your emotional relationship with certain pieces in your wardrobe, why you’re holding on to them, and how you can add value to the world by letting them go. Find out how stagnation in your closet could also be the reason for stagnation in other parts of your life.

Lesson 6: Your New Fresh Closet Organization

Lesson 6: Your New Fresh Closet Organization
In part 6 of the DIY Closet Edit & Cleanse, I’ll show you how to create fresh organization in your closet after your edit. Discover the tools I use, and where to buy them, to make the process easier and turn your closet into a thing of beauty.

Lesson 7: The Style After Party!

Lesson 7: The Style After Party!
In this last lesson of the DIY Closet Edit & Cleanse, you'll get my advice on how to maintain your closet and when to check in to make sure you’ve still got a fresh and updated wardrobe.

Normally,this blueprint is only for Stylist School's Online student membership. But I have created this special DIY offer just for you for $47!

That's a huge savings from working directly with one of my personal stylists. Personal closet consultations typically cost between $200-$600.

If you're sick of the mess that you call a 'closet' and are ready to start building a wardrobe you love, looking great in all your clothes, and using a game plan with proven're going to love The Shopping Friend's DIY Closet Edit & Cleanse Blueprint.

Don't waste any more money buying any more pieces until you've cleaned out your closet and you know what you're doing. I can help you do that.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Ready to end your struggle in your closet? Let's do it together!